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Note: Review Sets include floor plans and elevations only, and are used to get a better idea of house layout and size. Please note that these are not a construction set of plans, and a license to build will not be included.
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Terms and Conditions

Plan Delivery

Delivery time frames pertain to business days only (Monday through Friday). Weekends are not included in delivery time frames. Carriers do not deliver to P.O. Boxes. Your shipping address must be a physical street address.

Our Return Policy

All sales are FINAL. Your blueprint purchase is NOT returnable. We do not honor requests for returns, refunds, exchanges or credit for any reason.

One-Set and Review-Set Plan Packages

A one-set or review-set plan package is considered a study set and is stamped "not for construction." This plan package allows you to review your home in greater detail before you begin construction. It can be used to obtain bids and estimates for materials and labor. However, building from a stamped set of plans is a strict violation of the United States copyright law and is punishable by law. Furthermore, reproducing stamped blueprints by any method is copyright infringement. After reviewing your house plans in detail, you can upgrade to another blueprint package within 90 days by paying the difference in the cost of the home plan packages. Shipping charges will apply to the second order.

Local Building Codes and Zoning Requirements

Each plan was designed to meet or exceed the requirements of a nationally recognized model building code in effect at the time and place the plan was drawn. Usually plans designed after the year 2010 conform to the International Residential Building Code (IRC). The IRC is comprised of portions of the three major codes below.

Due to differences in geography and climate throughout the United States and Canada, each state, county, and municipality has its own building codes, zone requirements, building regulations, and ordinances. Modifications may need to be made to your plan to comply with local requirements. Additionally, permits and inspections may need to be obtained from local governments before and during construction. We authorize the use of the blueprints on the expressed condition that you consult with a local licensed architect or engineer prior to beginning construction and strictly comply with all local building codes, zoning requirements, and other applicable laws, regulations, ordinances, and requirements.

All house plans are designed and shipped with standard, imperial measurements, not metric. If plans need to be converted to metric, please call before ordering.

Architectural and Engineering Seals

Prior to construction, some cities and states require a licensed architect or engineer review and seal or stamp a blueprint (officially approve it). We strongly recommend you consult with your local building official to see if such a review is required prior to applying for a building permit or starting the actual construction of your structure. You may need to have your plans sealed or stamped locally. Our plans do not come with an engineer’s or architect’s seal or stamp.

Copyright Information

These designs are protected under the terms of United States Copyright Law and may not be copied or reproduced in any way or by any means, unless you have purchased a CAD Set, PDF Set, or Reproducible Plan Package and signed the accompanying license to modify and copy the plan, which allows you to modify, copy, or reproduce the blueprint. We authorize use of the blueprint to construct ONE (1) single- or multifamily home only. You must purchase another blueprint or blueprints or pay additional design fees in order to build a second dwelling or multiple dwellings. Multi-use fees vary by designer — please call one of our sales representatives for a quote.


The designers have put substantial care and effort into the creation of their blueprints. However, since we cannot provide on-site consultation, supervision, and control over actual construction, and because of the great variance in local building requirements, building practices, and soil, seismic, weather, and other conditions, WE MAKE NO WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, WITH RESPECT TO THE CONTENT OR USE OF THE BLUEPRINTS, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO ANY WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR OF FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. ITEMS, PRICES, TERMS, AND CONDITIONS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE.